A great BIG welcome!

Hello! 😀

My name is Richard Amos. Some of you may know me from my time in Amos Cassidy (a pen-name used by me and my bestie for co-authored books). Well, I’m gearing up to released my debut solo urban fantasy series this year (2018). I’m so excited!   

This is the corner of the cyberverse you’ll be able to have glimpses of my books and what I’m up to. I am a daydreamer. Actually, I’m a bloke who gets onto his dragon and takes to the skies, off to see what I can find above and below and to the side. My head is always up there with the stars. One of them is a good friend of mine. His name is Bill and he’s a diamond! Oh, and he makes a mean cup of tea…just knows how to get the balance of milk and tea right…

Well, I hope you like your stay in this little pocket of the universe 🙂 Feel free to have a look around.

Cheers very much for stopping by! 😀

Richard Amos